Vince began her career in Wealth Management with AIA since 2005. Wealth Management provides assets relocation, mutual funds investment, retirement planning, risk hedging management and estate planning. Wealth Management has been one of the fastest growing industry since the last decade.

Currently, Vince has a team of highly educated, passionate, energetic and visionary members. In 2006, she started doing team management and created her own agency, VC.

Vince has also gained numerous awards with the company and industry. In 2015, she achieved the Court of the Table (COT) membership and qualified as MDRT life member (10 years of MDRT). Another outstanding award honored by the company was the Premier Agency Leader which was achieved in 2014.

Besides, Vince is a Director at Pan-Asia Assets Consultant Limited. Pan-Asia Assets Consultant Limited provides high quality financial services to capture every investment possibility to worldwide clients. We also group partners with AIA International Limited, China CITIC Bank (International), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd, China Construction Bank (Asia) to offer different banking services to clients.

Vince’s mission is to be a valued, member-driven, international network of leading insurance and investment financial services professional who serve clients by exemplary performance and the highest standards of ethics, knowledge, service and productivity.


2015 COT & MDRT Life Member


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